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Silent Hill!!

2010-07-06 22:50:42 by Rhyhart

Hey guys whats up. I've had Silent Hill on the brain lately and can't get off of it. This made me do a cover of one of the great pieces from that game, check it out. /345176

Anyway if you love Silent Hill take a look at this new song and leave a comment telling me your favorite Silent Hill game and even moment in the series. Mine would have to be Silent Hill 2 when James confronts Eddie. Well thanks for reading. Have a great one!

New Music

2010-06-15 19:44:56 by Rhyhart

Hey guys what's up this is my first post so it may be a little rusty. Anyway I have made quite a bit of new music with my new piano I got and I would love it if you guys could check it out. Stop by and leave some constructive critisism, good or bad, and I will respond back to it. If you post saying you checked out my stuff then I will definitally take a look at some of your things leave a review or two. Well thanks for reading have a good one!