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Entry #2

Silent Hill!!

2010-07-06 22:50:42 by Rhyhart

Hey guys whats up. I've had Silent Hill on the brain lately and can't get off of it. This made me do a cover of one of the great pieces from that game, check it out. /345176

Anyway if you love Silent Hill take a look at this new song and leave a comment telling me your favorite Silent Hill game and even moment in the series. Mine would have to be Silent Hill 2 when James confronts Eddie. Well thanks for reading. Have a great one!


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2010-07-07 01:14:48

Nice cover, just a few notes are a bit off, but yeah.

My favorite moment would, of course, be Pyramid Head's rape scene in the apartments lmfao.

Rhyhart responds:

haha yea when I first saw that I was like wtf


2010-07-07 02:42:55

I am not sure if I have a favorite moment in Silent Hill, but I do have some sad ones.

The one I think is the saddest of the them is at the end of Homecoming. When you get the Pyramid Head ending. Which was when Alex Shepard turns into a Pyramid Head. For whatever reason I felt very depressed after that. Maybe it was because everything Alex and the player go through together and to see that as the ending of your first play through. And before that you find out that you killed your brother Joshua and you have been following a ghost the whole time.

Rhyhart responds:

I definitely agree. Alex Shepard had a pretty shitty family if you ask me.


2010-07-07 04:26:58

Silent hill is amazing. I remember playing it on the xbox when i was 10 in cancun beach, Mexico. It was the huge mansion version, and shit, I want to play that game again.

Rhyhart responds:

I don't think I played that one but yea they are great games.


2010-07-07 09:15:19

Silent Hill is a great game i talked to my my friends one of them talked:-I want to see this on Youtube i know all the endings the most scary silent hill to is silent hill 4 the monsters don't scares me but the final boss.......Well i like wen Maria is in jail and talk with james

Rhyhart responds:

Yea when Maria is talking to James in jail is a pretty weird part.


2010-07-07 11:47:48

Awesome song.

My favortie moment is a tie between Silent Hill 2 and Shattered Memories. In SH2, when James watches the video, and the player realizes the truth about Mary and James. In Shattered Memories, it was at the end when Harry finally walks into the lighthouse clinic and it's revealed what was truly going on in the game.

Rhyhart responds:

Yea I know what you mean. I love hoe the apartment building changes after he watches that to.


2010-07-07 11:51:30

I live about 2 hours away from the place where silent hill was made after. :)

Rhyhart responds:

haha thats badass.